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1.3mm EL Wire
2.3mm EL Wire
2.3mm Tail Wire
EL Wire Belt Strip
EL Backlight Pad
EL Panel/ T-qualiser
EL Panel T-Shirt
Glowing Shoelace
Flashing Sun Glasses
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GlowInWire.com sells EL wire (electroluminescent lighting) products such as EL shoelaces, glow in sticks, flash wire, t-qualizer t-shirts, EL panel, EL belt strips etc. With your own style and creativity, you can decorate your home, your car, any indoor or outdoor places, you can even decorate your clothes and give it a glowing eye catching design!

We carry EL wires in different color, size, length and style, order today and make your life even more colorful!


1.3 mm EL Wire with with Battery Pack

* includes AA battery pack
* 4 colors available

2.3 mm EL Wire with Car Lighter Plug

* includes car inverter and cigar lighter plug
* 6 colors available

2.3 mm EL Wire with with Battery Pack

* includes AA battery pack
* 4 colors available

2.3 mm EL Wire with wall plug and an inverter

* includes wall plug and an inverter
* 2 colors available

* includes sound activated device and wall plug
* 9 colors available

out of stock

2.3 mm EL Tail Wire (1.5 meters)

* includes battery pack
* can be sewed on fabrics
* 4 colors available

EL Wire Glowing Belt Strip (1.5 meters)

* includes inverter with lead
* 7 colors available

5" x 6" Green EL Backlight Pad

* includes inverter and lead wire
* paper thin & waterproof

EL Panel / T-qualiser with inverter and Velcro tape

* includes inverter and Velcro tape
* decorate your shirts, trousers, bags etc
* many designs available

EL Neon Glowing Shoelaces

* 60cm long
* flashes when you move
* 5 colors available

EL Wire Flashing Sun Glasses

* includes AG13 battery x 3
* 4 colors available

Multi-plug Connector for EL Wires

* connects multiple EL wires
* 18cm long

Colorful EL Wire Flicker

* a combination of 6 EL wires in different colors
* compact and handy

out of stock



These photos are provided by one of our buyers. They used our EL wires to create colorful glowing pictures and they shared with us their happiness! Thanks to Des & Chris Schwarz for the beautiful pictures! 

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